Share Your Story: Participate in New Research to Understand the Impacts of the Pandemic on Businesses

This blog is part of an ongoing project to understand the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on Western and greater Sydney businesses. 

Researchers at Western Sydney University School of Business are launching a project to understand the experiences and impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses in the Western and greater Sydney regions. The aim of our research is to gather rich data from as many businesses as we can (any size, type, industry) on how they are responding to the pandemic, what support they are accessing and how they are planning for the future in order to create a dashboard for generating meaningful information, analytics and actionable insights specific to the individual business as well as to track and observe how things are changing over time. Every business that completes our 20 minute survey will receive a free, personalised, expert report tailored with their results and helpful analysis– similar work would normally come at a significant financial cost to businesses. The free, individualised business report will contextualise and benchmark their results against other businesses of similar type, region, size, etc., as well as include insights on their industry. In six months we hope to repeat the survey and gather data at a different time point so that businesses can track and understand their results in context and make comparisons to both their past results and those of other businesses. 

With the data collected, we can better understand how the pandemic has impacted different businesses, both individually and collectively, and ensure we know what is needed to continue the recovery process into the future. The more respondents we receive, the more rich and nuanced our analysis will be. Please share with anyone you know that may want to access their free, individualised business report and contribute to our shared understanding of the true extent of the impacts experienced by businesses during this historic and challenging period. 

The survey takes less than 20 minutes and you will have access to a unique report with your results to thank you for participating and support you as you continue to navigate these circumstances. 

To participate, please follow this link to our survey and please share it widely with anyone you know who is part of a business impacted by the coronavirus pandemic: 

We each have a story to tell about how this year has impacted our ordinary existence, by sharing a few details of yours you can contribute to the creation of meaningful information from disparate data so that we can help more businesses to succeed.


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